About Your Amazing World

Your Amazing World offers Products, Coaching Services and Essential Life Tools that embrace the holistic self-care trifecta of Mind, Body and Soul. These pillars of wellness work in harmony to build the foundation of a truly Amazing life––mental health, physical health and community.

Holistic Self-Improvement

Amazing Tree

Check out this Amazing tree! To pull off this dangling act, this tree needs strong, healthy roots, a sturdy trunk and branches with leaves that absorb the sun. All three components have a job to do––and this lovely tree won’t flourish if they all don’t work together.

 Holistic self-improvement works similarly. A healthy body supports your mind which feeds your soul. A soul that’s flourishing keeps your mind engaged and motivates you to take care of your body. That’s the path to real, sustainable growth. That’s how you build Your Amazing World!

~We start with the fact that you’re amazing right now, as you are.~


Our Core Values

Lasting Change

All the Life Tools we supply you with are proven to help effect lasting change. We believe in the power of practicality and simplicity to foster sustainable personal growth. Honoring where you are at in your wellness journey, we help you to take the next step and thrive for life.


Many people don’t have immediate access to a heath-focused community and counseling. Oftentimes, location, time, financial resources or other obstacles make it difficult. Your Amazing World provides affordable accessibility to virtual support resources and life tools right at home.


We strive to ensure all of our products meet these criteria: eco-friendly, cruelty-free, sustainable, recyclable, organic and humanely-sourced from our local region. After all, our world can’t be 100% Amazing unless we are good stewards of it and support ethical practices!

Meet the Founder of Your Amazing World

Hi! I’m Cassie Feld, and I’m not a self-help guru! I’m a real person like you who learned first-hand that balancing Mind, Body and Soul wellness is essential to a happy, fulfilling life.

I’ve struggled with mental health and physical health issues throughout my life. Growing up, self-improvement wasn’t seemingly accessible to me. It felt out of reach, and I didn’t know anyone who was committed to health, wellness or self-improvement. A child of teen parents who always struggled financially and didn’t have the time or money for such luxuries has no real connection to that world.

I always knew that I wanted more, though. I wanted to break the cycles that existed in my family, and I was a BIG dreamer––even as a child! 

The only problem was that I too struggled to find the money, time or access to growth. And once I got to a point where I was more established, I found that there was SO much overwhelming and conflicting information it was difficult to make lasting change without feeling like a failure.

It took me YEARS to sift through piles of information from all different sources across several different fields to finally be able to actually implement any of it and find the true and lasting change that has drastically improved my life, daily well-being and happiness

Once I boiled those practices and information down into the simple formula that resulted in lasting positive change for me, I realized I’m not the only one who needed this. There are MANY people out there who want more but are struggling with barriers that simply don’t need to be there. I thought, what if I could reach people where they’re at and help them take that next step AND feel amazing about it?

Your Amazing World’s programs and tools encompass that simple formula to positive lasting change. Best of all, they’re easy and quick to use and stick with.  After years of research and developing a sustainable approach to self-improvement, I’m thrilled to share it with each and every one you!

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