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of self-discovery

It can be very difficult in a culture that expects and cultivates sameness to be willing to stand out and be yourself.  Everywhere you look uniqueness and original thought are being stamped out.  So how can you stay connected with and show up as your authentic self in your daily life and work?  How do you let your brightest light shine to leave your stamp on the world?

Join our team of coaches this March as we explore how to reconnect with yourself, start living in your purpose, and share what makes you amazing with the world!

Upcoming Free Virtual Events

How to Set Yourself Up For Success

January 26th - 12pm EST

 How do you prepare yourself for success in the new year? It's amazing how readying your mind and your resources can impact how quickly you are able to achieve your goals. Creating intention around setting yourself up for success makes all the difference in the world. Join Cassie Feld this January to learn how you can kick off 2022 in a way that  allows you to go through the year feeling confident and purposeful.

Discover Your Purpose & Make it Profitable

February 23rd - 12pm EST

Have you ever dreamed of a life doing what you love? . So many people dream of starting a business but are stopped by questions about where to start, what to do, or how to share it with the world. This February, join Amy Klassen as we take a look at how to adjust your sails for success, discover your personal purpose, and build an amazing business all your own.

How to Love Yourself & Your Body

March 23rd - 12pm EST

What if you could really learn to love yourself? What if, instead of getting angry and discouraged with your body because of the symptoms you are experiencing, you could instead hear it as your body asking you for help and support? Join Virginia Magill this March to explore how you can love yourself and your body in a way that empowers you towards your goals.

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