Welcome to Your Amazing World!

We bring clarity to chaos and purpose to apathy with a full suite of self -improvement programs and tools to support any goal.

We believe you are Amazing!  Our mission is to help you see it too.

Small Steps.  Right Direction. ™

How We Got Here:

I spent 20+ years learning how to design my perfect world.

20+ years of investing in quick fixes, “proven” strategies, and perfect plans from “the top” gurus in health, relationships, and life. But here’s something I discovered on my transformation journey – So many things you will invest in will not deliver what you truly need. ⠀ Instead, they:

  • Over promise, and under deliver.
  • Require large investments of time and money.
  • IF they do seem to work, the results are either minor, unsustainable or more likely, both.

All of this was very helpful – it taught me exactly how to NOT create my program!

What We Do:

I intentionally designed Your Amazing World to be different from every other thing you can find in the self-improvement world. Here, we… ⠀

  • Help people gain the support, knowledge, skillset, and momentum they need to achieve their goals inside their real lives.
  • Teach people how to use our unique approach and techniques, the Small Step Method, in their daily life to create true, sustainable change.
  • Provide multiple options to ensure accessibility to as many people as possible.

We want to help you create a life that enables you to wake up feeling purposeful and fall asleep feeling proud every day!

Your Amazing World is the program I wish I had when I was starting out.

If you’re tired of investing in yourself but getting nowhere and you want a system to get you LONG-TERM results… you’re in the right place! 

Let’s find Your Amazing World together!

– Cassie Feld, Founder and CEO

What People are Saying
"This week with Cassie has really opened my eyes and helped me see that I don’t have to do it all. I don’t have be everything for everyone. I’m ready to start taking Small Steps and commit to being the person I’m meant to be."
Shelly B.
"I’ve discovered things about myself and how my inner voice can sabotage my growth. Cassie and her team have helped me unleash momentum and intentionality that I didn’t even know existed. I’m fixed towards success."
- Charm

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