Build the life you want,

One step at a time.

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Build the life you want,

One step at a time.

All the Resources You Need. All In One Place. 

  • Unlimited Access to Our Training Library
  • Downloadable Resources
  • Interactive Habits Dashboard
  • Health Tracker
  • Daily Planner
  • and so much more!

Interactive Daily Dashboard

 Your interactive daily dashboard is designed to maximize your personal results and keep you accountable with your goals. The unique design allows you to track your progress, stay up-to-date with new resources, and celebrate your success every day!

Comprehensive Learning Library

Ongoing life coaching through our live community along with our library of exclusive training videos, free resources and printable materials help you learn the skills necessary to apply The Small Step Method to every area of your life.

One of a Kind 3-in-1 Tool Suite

Put what you learn into action with our our uniquely designed: Daily Planner, Health Tracker, and Prompted Journal.  The Your Amazing Essentials tool suite enables you to identify circumstances or lifestyle factors that may be contributing to stress or emotional strain.

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What People Are Saying

Stacy K.

Once I implemented small steps into my daily life, my mental and physical health began following!  And I felt so good, I had all the motivation to continue. I know with small steps, I too can achieve amazing things!

Victoria W.

I've learned SO much about my health habits just from using my Health Tracker!  Now, I am able to track everything, everyday, without the feelings of guilt or shame. That means, I'm able to really connect with my body and hear what it's telling me so I can take better care of myself! Thank you for not only a super useful tool but for helping me feel good about myself and my progress!

Sarah A.

Game Changing Tool!  I’ve been using the Heath Tracker  for about a week now and I love it SO MUCH!  Prior to this, I was doing a version of my own in my personal journal but having a cohesive app to use is a game changer! I love that it helps me track positive and negative impacts, I never thought of doing that before.  This app makes it so easy!


Every great journey comes with some preparation, and this application is no different. In our Foundation pages our users can define their goals and break them down into daily small steps. They can create a self-care plan, gratitude list, write affirmations, and much more. We’ve designed the Foundation section to launch our users into an intentional life, to get them thinking, and to help them create a road map to accomplish their goals, while creating balance in their lives and building self-confidence. 

Managing Your Life

The opportunity to troubleshoot health challenges, time management challenges, and emotional challenges is unique for each component of this platform, but virtually unheard of in this combination. Our users have the ability to compare aspects of their health and wellbeing to lifestyle factors like sleep, movement, daily routines, and personal schedules in order to identify target areas for positive change. The Your Amazing Essentials platform is equipped with training and resources to assist you in emotional regulation and mindset maintenance as you work towards your goals.  All of this combined with community support, live coaching and tons of free self improvement resources makes Your Amazing Essentials a truly unique offering!

Managing Your Time

Our planner is designed with a variety of time management techniques and lifestyle factors in mind. It will enhance the efficiency of every person whether they are working in an business or trade environment, a stay at home parent, or an entrepreneur. In fact, it is designed to support the multi-faceted lifestyle and variant demands we are all managing in the 21st century.   

Managing Your Health

The Health Tracker is designed with functional medicine, health, and longevity in mind. It emphasizes a healthy relationship with food and rest, and an improvement in body connection and body image.  Our health tracker gives our users the ability to track all lifestyle factors that may be impacting health. This includes sleep, environmental factors, movement, intermittent fasting, food, and health symptoms (both negative and positive). In addition, we’ve included a miscellaneous tracking area to allow health professionals the flexibility to assign any category of health tracking they find insightful or important.   

Resources For All Areas Of Personal Development

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