Are you ready to accomplish your biggest goals in 2022?

This FREE 1-day event will show you how to start  the new year with the right mindset AND the right plan to make your 2022 vision a reality! 

Small Steps. Big Vision.

Create a vision board that empowers you to accomplish your goals and dreams!

This event will help you:

Identify your goal and set your Vision for 2022!

Learn why your vision is important and how to set your intention for the new year. Setting your vision is step 1 in crushing your goals for 2022! 

Create a vision board that empowers and motivates!

Explore the basics of vision board creation, gather your supplies, and design a vision board that's perfect for you and your space!

Develop a circle of support and accountability! 

Unleash the power of community by meeting people committed to personal growth. Connect & Collaborate to stay accountable all year!

2 Sessions Full of Amazing Training & Resources

December 29th via Zoom

at 12pm & 9pm  EST

Session 1

Secrets for Creating a

Life-Changing Vision

In Session 1, You'll learn about: 

  • Setting intentions
  • Vision Casting
  • How to Gather Supplies for your vision board.
  • Why you need a vision board?
  • Vision board basics & myth busting. (do’s & don’ts, manifesting, reviews, and more)
  • How is a YAW vision board different than other vision boards?

Session 2

Create, Collaborate, & Support 

Session 2 is really just a good excuse to throw a party! 

You'll have most of the afternoon to gather supplies and think about your vision.Then we come back together to create our boards, share our ideas, get support for any hangups, and enjoy a community of people who are committed to their personal growth in 2022! 

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What People Are Saying About Our Workshops

An Amazing, Eye-Opening Validating Workshop

This has been an amazing, eye-opening validating workshop. Thank you so very much! 

Stacie K. 

This has been a game-changer for me. 

The challenge has been amazing! Cassie teaches everything in small, attainable, simple small steps that are easy to incorporate into your daily life. This has been a game-changer for me. 

Carol H.

Great support from everyone!

So grateful for this challenge! I’ve been taking small steps to working on myself! I’ve had great support from everyone! Definitely gonna focus more of what I’ve learned from this.

Brittany T.