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The Comprehensive 12-month coaching program from Your Amazing World for accomplishing your goals and building the life of your dreams.

You can do this!

build Confidence!

Accomplish Your Goals!

Fit into your real life!

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We Meet You Where You Are Now

At Your Amazing World, we start with a simple truth:  We believe people are Amazing!  We work with our clients to help them believe it too.  No matter where you are in your life or what you have struggled with, we believe that true, sustainable success is achievable through applying our Small Steps Method, which is the basis of our YAW365 Program.

Can't accomplish your goals?

Our Coaches and Guides will teach you how to define attainable goals and equip you with the tools and techniques to actually accomplish them - over and over again!

challenging relationships?

In YAW365 we teach you how to understand, navigate and manage all types of relationships with a focus on mindset and communication.

need to manage your health?

We have dedicated Health Coaches within the YAW365 program, in addition to a game-changing Health Tracking tool.  Our goal is to teach you how to be healthy so you can live your best life!

too many balls in the air?

Our YAW365 coaches will equip you with tools and the mindset to figure out what’s important and what’s actually yours to manage.  We also provide you with the tools to manage your time like you never imagined!

can't stay motivated?

In YAW365, we will show you via the Small Steps method that ACTION is the key – and you’ll be amazed by the fact that you will get things done without even thinking about Motivation! 

trouble with money?

In YAW365, our coaches will work with you on overall concepts of money mindset – and we will work with you personally on the practical ins and outs of your situation. You’ll be surprised how in control you are of your finances!

The YAW 365 Program

YAW365 is a comprehensive, 12-month program designed to help people achieve their goals while establishing and maintaining a happy, healthy life. We offer 3 levels of individualized support, from group sessions to 1-on-1 coaching plans with our expert team. Every YAW client has access to our online learning platform, Your Amazing Essentials. Here, clients can monitor their progress from their personalized dashboard, maximize their growth with our groundbreaking self-improvement tool suite, attend live training sessions, or dive deeper into new skills with our extensive resource library.

Your Amazing World prides ourselves in our ability to help our clients create clarity with personalized, step-by-step action plans, overcome everyday obstacles with real life skills and strategies, and maintain the growth mindset necessary for sustainable progress towards their goals. Our team of expert coaches offer insight and guidance in many targeted areas, from health and family to business growth, time management, and personal finance. By combining the power of personalized goal setting and planning, the strength of industry leading training and resources, and the accountability of an engaging group environment, YAW365 ensures that every person on a journey to their best self has the knowledge and support they need to achieve even their biggest goals.

Different Tiers to Meet Everyone's Needs


Base Program


An Initial Onboarding Call with A Support Specialist to Personalize Your YAW365 Journey

Live Sessions every week Via Zoom with Our Team of Expert Coaches:

  • 2-3 Lessons every week!
  • PLUS a Live Q&A and Hot-Seat Coaching session every week!

Access to Exclusive YAW365 Facebook Community for 24-hour Support & Accountability

Premium access to our online self-improvement platform, Your Amazing Essentials:

  • Customized self-improvement paths to ensure you get the most from your journey
  • Self-Guided Personal Development Learning Center
  • Interactive Daily Dashboard and Message Center
  • Our Groundbreaking Health Tracker
  • Daily Planner and Task Manager
  • Prompted & Unprompted Journal Pages
  • BONUS: Foundational Prep Work to Set You Up for Success



Our Guided program includes a dedicated Program Guide, who you will meet with every month, to help you set Goals and Small Steps, review Progress and provide Accountability. This tier contains everything in the Base Program, plus:

Invitation to Exclusive, Targeted Hot Seat Sessions with Target Coaches during the weekly Q&A sessions

A Dedicated Program Guide will get you started and check in Monthly with you to help keep you On-Track and Accountable

  • An Initial Onboarding Call to Personalize Your YAW365 Journey
  • 8 half-hour Compass Calls to review your progress. After each session, you’ll receive a Monthly Progress Tracking Assessment with recommendations and tips specifically for you!
  • 4 Quarterly one-hour Goal Planning Sessions to take a deeper dive into your progress and make any adjustments to your goals or Small Steps. After each session, you’ll receive an easy to follow, Personalized Quarterly Small Step Plan!
  • Weekly check-ins via DM or Email

Group DM Access (24-hour Coach Access and Peer Support)



Our top-tier program level provides our highest level of Coaching interaction and support. An expert coach in your specific area of focus will work with you personally throughout your journey to ensure a successful result. This tier contains everything in the Guided Program, plus:

Ability to select a Targeted Coaching Path in one of the following areas:

  • Relationship and Motivation Mindset
  • Business and Goals Mindset
  • Healthy Living Mindset

You will be assigned to a dedicated member of our Expert Coaching Team who specializes in your Mindset path. This coach will work directly with you and your Program Guide in establishing your goals and will:

  • Conduct your Initial Onboarding Call
  • Provide you with 2 one-on-one Coaching Calls every month!
  • Review your Monthly Progress Tracking Assessments and Quarterly Small Step Plan with your Guide and with you and provide extra support throughout your journey

What Our Clients Are Saying

Amazing Community!

"YAW365 is the most welcoming, amazing community I have been in. Cassie is an amazing coach that makes the program lessons relatable, simple and personal."

Carol - program participant

The Power of Small Steps!

"Once I implemented small steps into my daily life, my mental and physical health began following! And I felt so good, I had all the motivation to continue. 

Stacey - program participant

A New Beginning!

"What does YAW365 mean to me? It means a new beginning where I like myself just as I am"

Mary - program participant

Frequently asked questions

Can I Join Anytime?

Yes!  We take on new members at any time.  We'll work to get you integrated right away and you'll have access to past content as well so you won't miss a thing!

How Long is this Program?

YAW365 is a 1-Year program.  During that time, you'll have full access to the live trainings, library of past materials and recordings, the Your Amazing Essentials application and our coaching team.

How much does this cost?

YAW365 starts at $1,997 for the Base Program for a full-year of access.  We make it a priority that YAW365 is accessible to as many people as possible, so we offer multiple financing options (subject to qualification).  Reach out to us to learn more and how affordable this amazing program is!

How do I learn more?

Reach out to us using the link below to schedule a call with a Program Specialist.  We'd love to hear about where you in your journey and how we can help!

We'd love to have a chat with you about YAW365 and how it might work for you!